Free Range Cost and Preparation

Free Range Exhibition

  • Cost
  • Dates
  • Advertising
  • Space Visit (Planned)
  • Considerations

Much of the information is the same for Free Range as it is for the Exhibition at University of Hertfordshire. This is due to the fact that my wallpaper will be split between the two exhibitions and my table mats can be re-mounted at the Free Range Exhibition.

Costs Incurred

  • Wallpaper x 3 – £68.85
  • Table Mats x 11 – £66
  • Delivery £14 – £5 Discount for 2nd order – £9
  • Velcro 20mm x 10m – £27.74
  • Spray Mount, Business card holder & Delivery – £18.03
  • Forks – £5.55
  • TOTAL – £195.17 


29th June – Opening Night

30th June – 3rd July General View


This is the leaflet/Poster created by the design team for our Free Range Exhibition. I will be emailing this out to people and I will also create an event on Facebook for family and friends.


As a group we will be planning a visit to The Truman Brewery after we have put our work up for exhibition at UofH, This is so we can determine what space we will have available and the best space for each of our exhibitions.

These images are taken from the brochure that Diane brought in for us to have a look through. There are also images from past shows on the Free Range website, this will be helpful in making decisions as to where my work might go and how it might look.


Space will be a consideration as I have a very specific exhibition and I will need to be sure I can hang my wallpaper from a size perspective but also the practicality of mounting on the walls. We are not clear on the space we have available to us all at this stage (or those not on the build/design team anyway) But we have less students choosing to exhibit at Free Range so we potentially have more space to play with.


I uploaded my profile and three images to the Free range Web Site.


Saal Digital Book Review

Saal Digital Book Review, £25 towards book from Sale Digital to be completed in 2 weeks and provide a review.

This was an advert I had spotted on Facebook, and one I have decided to take up. I am in the process of completing my book to compliment my exhibition.

Using Images from Final major project with a bit of background and information on the development of the project.

This is a screenshot of the started layout, I got a little stuck after I started as I was looking for a function that this company doesn’t seem to have. I would like to be able to make the image on page 3/4 more opaque so that I could add smaller images on top of this. I have used this function with another book provider and am a little disappointed there doesn’t appear to be that function. I will continue to produce the book though and provide my review, this is just another opportunity for my work to reach a wider audience. The review will be public through the companies website and social media, they have a huge number of followers.



GmbH, S. (2017). Download. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2017].

UofH Students Project – SUZERO

A fellow student from level 5 forwarded an email request to me, for sports science students looking to collaborate on their dissertation project. They are working to produce Sugar Free, healthy snack bars. This project piqued my interest for two reasons, firstly because I am working with food in photography. Secondly because in my personal life I have been cutting out certain foods including refined sugar.

I met with Tom Sexton a marketing student responsible for the marketing of the bars, we discussed the plans for the project, what they would be looking for photographically and the long term goals for the project. I arranged to pick up some of the bars and ingredients so that I could get to work. The plan was to produce some workable images at the start and then with future shoots create a stock of images for them too use along with portraits for the marketing material and websites.

The images above are a selection of the mood board images Tom gave me to work with.



Above are the images I have produced for the project so far, we have plans to get together and produce more images after our uni deadlines have passed. I am excited about the future of this project.

Further Artist Research and Influence

Crystal Cartier (, 2017)

This image is of an apple, but because there is a layer of painted brushstrokes that look a little like ice it distorts the image enough that the viewer has to think about what they are seeing. The lighting os from the right and side, from a slightly elevated angle. The distortion for this image makes it attractive to me. I really like Cartiers work, and follow on social media.

Alexander Voss (, 2017)

I found this image after I had taken the image of the Kiwi, I was searching for still life photographers that work with food in an abstract way. This image really stands out to me because if the similarity to my own but more because of the vibrance of it, it looks like a sun rise or sunset the way the light and shadow lines in the fruit are exaggerated. Voss has similar abstract images that I like and I will look closer at his work to see what direction he takes it and the clients he is working with.

Josh Caudwell (JOSH CAUDWELL •• Still Life Photographer In London •• product photography for Makeup, Watches, Perfume, Fashion, 2017)

Caudwells work stood out to me because the chocolate shares similarities to my splattered fruit and make up smudge images I produced for my portfolio work. He work with a lot of well known clients and is an example of the way I could head with my own work one day. Whilst I still have a way to go this is definitely a source of inspiration.


JOSH CAUDWELL •• Still Life Photographer In London •• product photography for Makeup, Watches, Perfume, Fashion. (2017). Food. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Jan. 2017]. (2017). fine art : Food Lifestyle Photographer Crystal Cartier BLOG. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jan. 2017]. (2017). Creative Food Photography: Kiwi Fruit | Alexander Voss, Berlin | Fine Art Fotografie | Digital & Analog. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jan. 2017].

Richard Mosse – Incoming

Richard Mosse – Incoming at the Barbican

On the same day as the visit to The Tate Modern we visited The Barbican for Incoming but Richard Mosse. In this exhibition Mossed explored the migration of refugees across Europe, The Middle East and North Africa. Refugees escaping war and persecution causing the largest migration since WWII. (, 2017)

Using a military grade camera that can read body heat signatures from over 30km away and working with composer Ben Frost and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten Mossed created a multi channel video installation. (, 2017)

Of the two exhibitions on the day I was immediately blown away at this one, walking in the viewer was faced with multiple screens of moving infrared images. Unlike anything I have seen before this takes away any pre conceived ideas of what you are looking at and where, because the camera picks up heat traces the details in the images are those which would usually be hidden. Further round the room were large scale still images, in the same style. The sheer size was very powerful and again because of the nature the details in the image were dramatic, those things that would remain hidden could be seen. Then came the three large screens and the video itself, at 50 minutes long I couldn’t stay to watch the whole thing. However what I did see stirred many feelings in me, firstly that the whole situation is very moving, tragic and heart breaking. Another feeling that came up though was that because of the infrared it dehumanises the subjects, not being able to pick out details such as skin colour, age and in particular you cannot see the eyes. These are the things that traditionally move a person wth lack of eye detail it can almost leave you unfeeling towards the subject. The longer I watched i feel the more disassociated from the situation I became and almost the more normal it became to see.

I found the whole thing very powerful and very moving, for me it has no personal impact on my choice of exhibition but should I ever decide to pursue the video or even giff route then I would consider the multiple screens.

The other thing I noticed was the beautiful detail and architecture of the Barbican itself, from the outside looking like nothing special or outstanding, inside was spectacular.

Unfortunately I was unable to grab any phone pictures, as far as I was aware no photography was permitted. So I just have the images from memory or those available to view on Mosses website.

References: (2017). Richard Mosse. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Feb. 2017]. (2017). Richard Mosse Photography | Incoming. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2017].

Previous study and recent Research

Over the course of my degree study I have discovered photographers I hadn’t even heard of, I have become very fond of their work and those that are listed will be of no real surprise as at some point most or all have had influence by the surrealist artists that I grew up loving. Though they work within a different genre to the food photography I am producing at this stage it is clear that they have had a huge influence on my direction from the start of my study to this point I find myself at. I have included some of my previous research and influential images from the following photographer:

  • Miles Aldridge
  • Simon Emmett

Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge is an English born fashion photographer with a distinct and unique style. Aldridge studied Illustration at Central Saint Martins College in London and went on to spend his early career as a music video director. It was in 1993 he changed career direction and became the fashion photographer we know him as now.I am inspired by Aldridge because of his use of bold and often contrasting candy colour pallets. His images are striking and often depict a woman looking thoughtfully off in to the distance, that have a dream like quality. It is Aldridge’s Mac campaigns that have inspired me most, they have a surrealist and experimental look, with slightly more muted tones and an almost metallic look. (Edes, n.d.)


Fig 1 Miles Aldridge Miles of MAC                        Fig 2 Miles Aldridge Miles of MAC


Simon Emmett

Simon Emmett is an English born Celebrity Portrait and Beauty photographer and director. Emmett studied at Watford College (Now West Herts) before leaving to pursue a career in photography. He started out Assisting and got his first British Vogue story in 1997, Emmett now spends time filming documentaries as well as photography. I was fortunate enough to meet with Emmett last Summer but at the time I didn’t know his work, I liked that he is very down to earth, easy to chat with and when asked about his feelings on use of photoshop he said “I don’t like to use it unneccessarily”. (Emmett, 2015) This has stuck with me and whilst pursuing my studies his work has come up, I feel it bears similarities to the likes of Mert & Marcus and Miles Aldridge. His creative and distorted images are the ones that have the biggest impact on my own work. (Beauty photography, no date; Florin, 2011; CLM Artist, 2015; Nalcot, 2014) (Edes, n.d.)


Fig 3  Simon Emmett Midnight Hour                  Fig 4  Simon Emmett Almaz 2012



Shoot Decisions

After reflecting on feedback, more research and knowing that I need to narrow down my ideas to produce my final work I have come to a decision about how I am going to produce my images.

An article in practical photography magazine showing how to photograph flowers frozen in water (Create and Icy Masterpiece, 2017) sparked an idea to use water in both its liquid and frozen state.

By submerging and freezing my food subject I will be able to add a distortion to the image giving it an abstract and warped view relevant to the project.

This has allowed a depth to my project that I hadn’t previously seen. I will work in close proximity to each subject in such a way that the viewer is not quite sure of what food they are viewing.