Free Range Cost and Preparation

Free Range Exhibition

  • Cost
  • Dates
  • Advertising
  • Space Visit (Planned)
  • Considerations

Much of the information is the same for Free Range as it is for the Exhibition at University of Hertfordshire. This is due to the fact that my wallpaper will be split between the two exhibitions and my table mats can be re-mounted at the Free Range Exhibition.

Costs Incurred

  • Wallpaper x 3 – £68.85
  • Table Mats x 11 – £66
  • Delivery £14 – £5 Discount for 2nd order – £9
  • Velcro 20mm x 10m – £27.74
  • Spray Mount, Business card holder & Delivery – £18.03
  • Forks – £5.55
  • TOTAL – £195.17 


29th June – Opening Night

30th June – 3rd July General View


This is the leaflet/Poster created by the design team for our Free Range Exhibition. I will be emailing this out to people and I will also create an event on Facebook for family and friends.


As a group we will be planning a visit to The Truman Brewery after we have put our work up for exhibition at UofH, This is so we can determine what space we will have available and the best space for each of our exhibitions.

These images are taken from the brochure that Diane brought in for us to have a look through. There are also images from past shows on the Free Range website, this will be helpful in making decisions as to where my work might go and how it might look.


Space will be a consideration as I have a very specific exhibition and I will need to be sure I can hang my wallpaper from a size perspective but also the practicality of mounting on the walls. We are not clear on the space we have available to us all at this stage (or those not on the build/design team anyway) But we have less students choosing to exhibit at Free Range so we potentially have more space to play with.


I uploaded my profile and three images to the Free range Web Site.


Saal Digital Book Review

Saal Digital Book Review, £25 towards book from Sale Digital to be completed in 2 weeks and provide a review.

This was an advert I had spotted on Facebook, and one I have decided to take up. I am in the process of completing my book to compliment my exhibition.

Using Images from Final major project with a bit of background and information on the development of the project.

This is a screenshot of the started layout, I got a little stuck after I started as I was looking for a function that this company doesn’t seem to have. I would like to be able to make the image on page 3/4 more opaque so that I could add smaller images on top of this. I have used this function with another book provider and am a little disappointed there doesn’t appear to be that function. I will continue to produce the book though and provide my review, this is just another opportunity for my work to reach a wider audience. The review will be public through the companies website and social media, they have a huge number of followers.



GmbH, S. (2017). Download. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2017].

Exhibition Layout Test

Once my wallpaper had arrived I took it to a fellow students place to test my layout in a large enough space and also get feedback.

My first disappointment came when I realised I had made a mistake in ordering my wallpaper. When looking at the mock up images on the web site I had not take in to consideration they were based on more than one roll per wall, what this meant is that I have ordered the print too large, so I have lost a little of the desired kaleidoscope effect, I do still have the mirrored effect repeated does each sheet and the abstract nature is still very present.

Then on to my table mats, I am really pleased with the print quality of these, they have a lovely glossy finish and the images are still as vibrant as they would appear on my screen. I did order two more from the company after I had received them because I wasn’t completely happy with the frozen junk food images. I felt these were not as strong as perhaps just the cropped images were. Also because the kiwi wasn’t frozen it became the odd one out in the set. With the unfrozen junk food images the set becomes much stronger.

After some discussion and suggestion from Sam, we rearranged the layout into two sets of five images, Five Healthy and Five Junk, This strengthened both sets and gives the layout a more coherent flow. Before we had come to this conclusion I was feeling happy with the junk food images, in comparison to the colourful healthy images they are bland and less exciting. However as a set in their own right they become much stronger and interesting.


This layout is the one I am likely to use for the exhibition.

A close up of the mats on the wallpaper, I am really pleased with the vibrance and contrast of the wallpaper and mats together.

Concepts and Planning Feedback and Reflections

This is the feedback from my Concepts and Planning module and my reflections on this.

Key Feedback

  • Completed work to a good standard
  • A good representative selection of photography and art
  • Good experimentation and range of photographic practices relevant to topic/genre
  • More experimentation could be carried out
  • Some questions about the final images
  • Questions surrounding genre choice Advertising or Fine Art
  • Who is photographing still life and does that have an affect on the way we view food
  • Make contemporary images that sell work in a vibrant and exciting way
  • What do you want to communicate?
  • Can food make a political statement or is it just about beauty and desire?
  • Managing the project and time well
  • Think about lighting a contemporary still life and what that says
  • Been reflective, identifying positives and areas for attention, using feedback to set goals for the future.


Initially I was very disappointed with the results and feedback, and whilst it is clear that I have some good feedback and have made some good progress I took a long time to really take on board the confusion I had put across with my work and desires to this point.

After some time though I was able to objectively reflect and this helped guide my direction and choices. Leading me in to more experimentation but also a narrowing down of the way in which to investigate my work. Whilst I would one day like to work within the advertising and editorial areas of photography at this stage I feel it is important to create my own work and portray my own thoughts and messages, because of this I see my self as more of a Fine Art Photographer/Artist. Should advertising or editorial opportunities come up these would not be with top glossy magazines or big name brands but instead organisations and companies that have similar ethical values to my own.

This leads on then to the point about creating images that sell food in a vibrant and exciting way, whilst I want to create vibrant and exciting work it is not about selling the food but leading the viewer to question the art and the food. I feel that by creating something other than desirable and beautiful food images my food photography could be used to make more of an ethical statement.

Over all I feel the feedback and my own disappointment has left me with a clearer direction. As always though I will continue to be self reflective and look at the areas for improvement.