Online Degree Show

I have submitted 5 of my current images into the Graduate Showcase. This goes live on 25th of May, the same day as the Degree Show private viewing.


Finance Team

As part of our exhibition preparations we needed to choose teams to be assigned to, whilst I would have preferred to be on a more creative team (Like most of the creative students) I did also put my name down on the finance team as I am fairly competent in budgeting. It makes sense really as I am a mature student who has experience of budgeting in my every day life.

I didn’t have a huge role on the team, I was with two very organised students who took control of the heavy duty chores such as creating spreadsheets and opening bank accounts. I was however useful in fielding messages, helping people with the details for making their payments and helping to follow up with some of those that needed more time.

The payment for Free range has to be made by 18th May

We asked for all payments to be made by 21st April, giving us time to ensure all payments were in to cover the costs and that we had money available to cover the cost of printing our advertising materials.


  • Hire = £4,200
  • Damage Deposit = £600 (After some discussion the University agreed it would be best if they covered this cost)
  • Electrics + Vat = £120

Total = £4,920

University to pay = £1600

Left to pay = £3320

We each agreed to pay £150 so that we would have enough of a budget left over for drinks, entertainment advertising etc. Between 39 of us there would have been £2530 left to spend. However a number of students dropped out and we were down to 30 students exhibiting. Though we requested a minimum payment for those only exhibiting at U of H to cover printing and entertainment costs I am not sure anyone actually has contributed. We have £1,180 in the budget and Sam curling managed to secure a £200 donation brining that total up to £1,380. This should be more than adequate to cover our expenses for both exhibitions.

Free Range Cost and Preparation

Free Range Exhibition

  • Cost
  • Dates
  • Advertising
  • Space Visit (Planned)
  • Considerations

Much of the information is the same for Free Range as it is for the Exhibition at University of Hertfordshire. This is due to the fact that my wallpaper will be split between the two exhibitions and my table mats can be re-mounted at the Free Range Exhibition.

Costs Incurred

  • Wallpaper x 3 – £68.85
  • Table Mats x 11 – £66
  • Delivery £14 – £5 Discount for 2nd order – £9
  • Velcro 20mm x 10m – £27.74
  • Spray Mount, Business card holder & Delivery – £18.03
  • Forks – £5.55
  • TOTAL – £195.17 


29th June – Opening Night

30th June – 3rd July General View


This is the leaflet/Poster created by the design team for our Free Range Exhibition. I will be emailing this out to people and I will also create an event on Facebook for family and friends.


As a group we will be planning a visit to The Truman Brewery after we have put our work up for exhibition at UofH, This is so we can determine what space we will have available and the best space for each of our exhibitions.

These images are taken from the brochure that Diane brought in for us to have a look through. There are also images from past shows on the Free Range website, this will be helpful in making decisions as to where my work might go and how it might look.


Space will be a consideration as I have a very specific exhibition and I will need to be sure I can hang my wallpaper from a size perspective but also the practicality of mounting on the walls. We are not clear on the space we have available to us all at this stage (or those not on the build/design team anyway) But we have less students choosing to exhibit at Free Range so we potentially have more space to play with.


I uploaded my profile and three images to the Free range Web Site.

Exhibition Layout Test

Once my wallpaper had arrived I took it to a fellow students place to test my layout in a large enough space and also get feedback.

My first disappointment came when I realised I had made a mistake in ordering my wallpaper. When looking at the mock up images on the web site I had not take in to consideration they were based on more than one roll per wall, what this meant is that I have ordered the print too large, so I have lost a little of the desired kaleidoscope effect, I do still have the mirrored effect repeated does each sheet and the abstract nature is still very present.

Then on to my table mats, I am really pleased with the print quality of these, they have a lovely glossy finish and the images are still as vibrant as they would appear on my screen. I did order two more from the company after I had received them because I wasn’t completely happy with the frozen junk food images. I felt these were not as strong as perhaps just the cropped images were. Also because the kiwi wasn’t frozen it became the odd one out in the set. With the unfrozen junk food images the set becomes much stronger.

After some discussion and suggestion from Sam, we rearranged the layout into two sets of five images, Five Healthy and Five Junk, This strengthened both sets and gives the layout a more coherent flow. Before we had come to this conclusion I was feeling happy with the junk food images, in comparison to the colourful healthy images they are bland and less exciting. However as a set in their own right they become much stronger and interesting.


This layout is the one I am likely to use for the exhibition.

A close up of the mats on the wallpaper, I am really pleased with the vibrance and contrast of the wallpaper and mats together.

Exhibition Contingency Plan

As a back up I had explored the idea of producing various other prints, this was explored in the instance that I really didn’t like the table mat prints and felt I needed something more aesthetically/photographically pleasing. The options I explored are listed below.

White Wall

  • Aluminium Prints 15×10


This is still a possibility for exhibiting at Free Range, however this adds to my cost again so will only be used as a last resort. I have however previously used White Wall for Aluminium prints and I know that the quality if brilliant especially for the price.The downside is that they are based in Germany and takes between 7 to 10 days for delivery.

DS Colour Labs

  • Fine Art Prints
  • Acrylic Prints

Above are the costs for using DS Colour Labs for either fine art prints (Which would need framing) or to have acrylic prints produced. I have also used them before and really pleased with the quality and service.


  • A4 Clear Acrylic Frames

Acrylic frames from Amazon, I liked these because they were quite basic allowing for the image to be of more dominance. I looked at both A4 and A3 sizes as a just in case back up.

Build at University of Hertfordshire


As part of our exhibition we were required to be involved with the construction of the space and also send our display information for the team responsible for organising our locations within the spaces.

Below is my display request form, detailing images and sizes with a layout plan showing the team how i intend for my display to look. I have also included a link to the form itself.


Key points for creating the display spaces

  • Old Clothing
  • Sturdy Footwear (Preferably steel toe boots)
  • Hair tied back
  • Basic Tools, Pencil, Tape Measure, Utility Tool

Emma Edes Display Request Form

Below are the images from Studio A238, this is the larger of the spaces for exhibition and I helped with the painting side of things. Due to illness I wasn’t able to be involved in any heavy lifting, I was however keen to get stuck in to the painting. Starting at 1:30pm and working through until 7:30pm we got all the spaces finished with their final coats of paint, filled any holes, removed any dried paint lumps and generally made the whole space look crisp and clean ready for hanging our exhibitions.

After some discussion with the team it was decided because of the nature of my display I needed one of the more open areas, so my display will be in the later studio A238 down on the bottom right hand side in the 8ft x 8ft space.

This is the leaflet created by the design team for our exhibition at the University of Hertfordshire. I think they look good, with all the information needed, the only flaw is the time on the opening night is 6pm not 8pm. I have corrected this before sending out to anyone that I would like to invite.

Richard Mosse – Incoming

Richard Mosse – Incoming at the Barbican

On the same day as the visit to The Tate Modern we visited The Barbican for Incoming but Richard Mosse. In this exhibition Mossed explored the migration of refugees across Europe, The Middle East and North Africa. Refugees escaping war and persecution causing the largest migration since WWII. (, 2017)

Using a military grade camera that can read body heat signatures from over 30km away and working with composer Ben Frost and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten Mossed created a multi channel video installation. (, 2017)

Of the two exhibitions on the day I was immediately blown away at this one, walking in the viewer was faced with multiple screens of moving infrared images. Unlike anything I have seen before this takes away any pre conceived ideas of what you are looking at and where, because the camera picks up heat traces the details in the images are those which would usually be hidden. Further round the room were large scale still images, in the same style. The sheer size was very powerful and again because of the nature the details in the image were dramatic, those things that would remain hidden could be seen. Then came the three large screens and the video itself, at 50 minutes long I couldn’t stay to watch the whole thing. However what I did see stirred many feelings in me, firstly that the whole situation is very moving, tragic and heart breaking. Another feeling that came up though was that because of the infrared it dehumanises the subjects, not being able to pick out details such as skin colour, age and in particular you cannot see the eyes. These are the things that traditionally move a person wth lack of eye detail it can almost leave you unfeeling towards the subject. The longer I watched i feel the more disassociated from the situation I became and almost the more normal it became to see.

I found the whole thing very powerful and very moving, for me it has no personal impact on my choice of exhibition but should I ever decide to pursue the video or even giff route then I would consider the multiple screens.

The other thing I noticed was the beautiful detail and architecture of the Barbican itself, from the outside looking like nothing special or outstanding, inside was spectacular.

Unfortunately I was unable to grab any phone pictures, as far as I was aware no photography was permitted. So I just have the images from memory or those available to view on Mosses website.

References: (2017). Richard Mosse. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Feb. 2017]. (2017). Richard Mosse Photography | Incoming. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2017].