Finance Team

As part of our exhibition preparations we needed to choose teams to be assigned to, whilst I would have preferred to be on a more creative team (Like most of the creative students) I did also put my name down on the finance team as I am fairly competent in budgeting. It makes sense really as I am a mature student who has experience of budgeting in my every day life.

I didn’t have a huge role on the team, I was with two very organised students who took control of the heavy duty chores such as creating spreadsheets and opening bank accounts. I was however useful in fielding messages, helping people with the details for making their payments and helping to follow up with some of those that needed more time.

The payment for Free range has to be made by 18th May

We asked for all payments to be made by 21st April, giving us time to ensure all payments were in to cover the costs and that we had money available to cover the cost of printing our advertising materials.


  • Hire = £4,200
  • Damage Deposit = £600 (After some discussion the University agreed it would be best if they covered this cost)
  • Electrics + Vat = £120

Total = £4,920

University to pay = £1600

Left to pay = £3320

We each agreed to pay £150 so that we would have enough of a budget left over for drinks, entertainment advertising etc. Between 39 of us there would have been £2530 left to spend. However a number of students dropped out and we were down to 30 students exhibiting. Though we requested a minimum payment for those only exhibiting at U of H to cover printing and entertainment costs I am not sure anyone actually has contributed. We have £1,180 in the budget and Sam curling managed to secure a £200 donation brining that total up to £1,380. This should be more than adequate to cover our expenses for both exhibitions.


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